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Fujikura Speeder SLK

  • Fujikura Speeder SLK
  • Fujikura Speeder SLK

Product Details

product details

  • Manufactured by: Fujikura Shaft
  • Model: fkspdslk
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg
A club length of 45.0 inches was a standard driver until around 2010. However, there is a tendency for the head weight to gradually decrease. Recently 45.50 to 45.75 inches have become standard.
With the tendency of the head to stop evolving, drivers who are required to fly are reducing the weight of the head. Therefore, it is gradually changing to the driver who flies with the length extended by the length.

Certainly the distance is determined by the driver. However, it is meaningless to fly if the meet rate has fallen.

Therefore, I want to increase the meet rate, I am not good at a long driver, I want to shake it with myself, It use the metal composite technology cultivated in MCI for such a person as a driver shaft. Therefore, a driver shaft SLK was created that can be finished with 44.0 inches, which is 1 inch short, even for heads that would normally require 45.0 inches.

The metal tube used for MCI is put in the tip. Therefore, it has the effect of shortening the overall length by strengthening the club balance and the softness of the softness.
The flex is set so that the shaft does not become rigid even if it becomes short. Also, care is taken not to lower the ball launch.
※ In Fujikura Data, the frequency standard when SLK (6S) is assembled at 44.0 inches is 246 cpm.
released in April 2019
Flex Weight But Tip Length Torque Kick Point
SLK5-R 56.5g 606 335 45.0" 6.1° Mid
SLK5-S 58.5g 608 335 45.0" 6.6° Mid
SLK5-X 62.0g 610 335 45.0" 5.9° Mid
SLK6-S 66.5g 612 335 45.0" 5.1° Mid
SLK6-X 71.0g 614 335 45.0" 5.0° Mid

Choice designation

Choice designation

Please choose a spec.

Please select the type and specifications of the grip.
Grip List


Direction of Logo on shaft can be selected. Normally, logo downward is recommended for carbon shaft. Logo upward is recommended for steel shaft.


In generally, it will be placed in upward. Only for Round, assembled in downward can be selected.
Only Round Grip can be specify to assemble with logo downward.


Length to shaftend,whith out grip.
Length + 0.25(Grip) = Total Club Length.


R flex for D0-D1, S flex for D1-D2, X flex for D2-D3 are recommended. For selecting “Leave it”, we will set best suitable balance of our recommendation.


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