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Muziik DU2 Heven Utility

  • Muziik DU2 Heven Utility
  • Muziik DU2 Heven Utility
  • Muziik DU2 Heven Utility
  • Muziik DU2 Heven Utility
  • Muziik DU2 Heven Utility
  • Muziik DU2 Heven Utility
  • Muziik DU2 Heven Utility
  • Muziik DU2 Heven Utility
  • Muziik DU2 Heven Utility
  • Muziik DU2 Heven Utility

Product Details

product details

  • Manufactured by: Muziik(ムジーク)
  • Model: muzdu2heven
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg
Following DD2 Heaven (driver) → DF2 Heaven (Fayway Wood), DU2 Heaven (utility) is now available.
The three models of this Heaven series have the same structure that combines DAT55 playing titanium and stainless steel sole on the face, although the titanium of the body is different only for the driver.
In other words, neither the fairway wood nor the utility is a wood that does not reduce the cost just by making the driver smaller.
By using stainless steel, which has a heavy specific weight, for the sole, the excess weight that is left over with all titanium is adjusted.

The face is small and compact, and the high-performance utility has good grip on the ball and excellent operability.
I think that even those who are not good at utilities due to the large head will be an important one to acquire the flight distance in the middle stage if it is DU2 Heaven.

Head cover and wrench are sold separately.

Released in April 2022
  #3 #4
Loft 21° 24°
Lie 58.0° 59.0°
Volume 178 156
Weight 240g 245g
Face Angle ±0
Matrial (Body) 811 Titnium/430 Stainless Solo Plte
Matrial (Face) DAT55G Titanium
We do not sell parts for the head alone.

You can also select parts that are not listed in the order club options.You can order from the following manufacturers.

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Choice designation

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Direction of Logo on shaft can be selected. Normally, logo downward is recommended for carbon shaft. Logo upward is recommended for steel shaft.


In generally, it will be placed in upward. Only for Round, assembled in downward can be selected.
Only Round Grip can be specify to assemble with logo downward.


Length to shaftend,whith out grip.
Length + 0.25(Grip) = Total Club Length.


R flex for D0-D1, S flex for D1-D2, X flex for D2-D3 are recommended. For selecting “Leave it”, we will set best suitable balance of our recommendation.


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