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Progress BB6 Utility

  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility
  • Progress BB6 Utility

Product Details

product details

  • Manufactured by: Progress(プログレス)
  • Model: pgbb6ut
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg
This is a utility release with the same concept as the BB6 fairway wood.

The design is different from previous BB series by hiding the bellows on the crown and sole. You can't see it, but there's a bellows inside.

This BB6 series has a structure that has a bellows that has the effect of pushing the ball forward only in the center, making it more effective in pushing the ball forward on center hits.

The effect of the lightweight carbon and the heavy tungsten template on the sole lowers the center of gravity of the head, making it easier for the ball to rise, extending flight time and distance.

Since the crown is made of carbon, the hitting sound is considerably lower than that of the BB4 utility.

The angle of the head can be changed depending on how the sleeve is inserted.
Two types of sleeves are available: 9.1mm and 9.4mm for utility use. It must be selected according to the diameter of the installed shaft.

Accessories: Head cover

Sole screw weight standard back 6g/heel 4g
Sold separately screw weight 2g, 4g, 6g - 2,000 yen / 8g, 10g - 2,200 yen (excluding tax) < br>Torque wrench sold separately 4,200 yen (excluding tax)
  U2 U3 U4 U5
Loft 17.0° 20.0° 23.0° 26.0°
Lie 58.0° 58.5 59.0° 59.5°
Volume 101cc 103cc 106cc 109cc
Weight 226.0g±1g 231.0g±1g 236.0g±1g 241.0g±1g
Standard weight 4g/6g
Material Body & Face:6-4 Titanium casting
We do not sell parts for the head alone.

You can also select parts that are not listed in the order club options.You can order from the following manufacturers.

Trading Manufacturers

Fujikura/Mirsubishi/GraphiteDesign/Roddio/USTMamiya/Triphas/Composite Techno/TRPX/Syncagraphite/Dead or Alive/Gravity/Threering/Sankiplanaria/S-trixx/True Temper/Nippon Shaft/Shimada Golf/KBS/Design Tuning/Stability/Reve/Auto Flex/&etc.

Golf Pride/Iomic/Elite Grip/STM/No,1/Susas/Winn/Palmax/Cadero/Super Stroke/Masuda Golf/Muziik/Perfect Pro/&etc.

Choice designation

Choice designation

Please choose a spec.

Please select the type and specifications of the grip.
Grip List


Direction of Logo on shaft can be selected. Normally, logo downward is recommended for carbon shaft. Logo upward is recommended for steel shaft.


In generally, it will be placed in upward. Only for Round, assembled in downward can be selected.
Only Round Grip can be specify to assemble with logo downward.


Length to shaftend,whith out grip.
Length + 0.25(Grip) = Total Club Length.


R flex for D0-D1, S flex for D1-D2, X flex for D2-D3 are recommended. For selecting “Leave it”, we will set best suitable balance of our recommendation.


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