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Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head

  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head
  • Roddio S-Design F-Tune Silver Head

Product Details

product details

  • Manufactured by: Roddio(ロッディオ)
  • Model: rodbigdsvf
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg
Oversize S (Shallow Face) Design F (Fix)-Tune Silver Head
Roddio Conventional straight, angled sleeve allows you to set a fine head angle. Since it is an adhesive fixing type, it is necessary to work in the workshop when changing the head angle.

The long-awaited new driver of Roddio will be released. RODIO does not release a new work for a fixed period like other manufacturers, but promotes manufacturing with a stance of releasing when a better product than the previous work can be developed.
This time, it is a 460cc full size shallow back low center of gravity, shallow center of gravity, shallow face driver. Japanese parts makers called local clubs tend to develop deep faces for advanced players, but Roddio is a maker that makes clubs that can be used gently by those who like clubs, so it does not tend to be a difficult club. there is.

RODDIO aimed for high straightness. Keep the amount of spin straight and without loss and fly.
I also worked on the sound and the hitting sound. A groove is made inside the head to create the sound, and the sound is controlled.

This shallow back low center of gravity shallow face driver has been a trend in the golf industry since the Ping G400, but each manufacturer has a different flavor, and Roddio has a high degree of perfection as a low spin driver.

Short hosel (insertion length 31mm) The tip of the shaft has movement to make it easier to raise the ball. Long sleeve (insertion length 36 mm) Suppresses the movement of the tip of the shaft. Equivalent to R-Tune is a long hosel. If you do not specify a hosel, we will prepare a long hosel.
Both short hosel and long hosel are available with 1 ° and 2 ° variable angle sleeves for fine loft and lie angle settings. It can be set at a wider angle than the sleeve socket of R-Tune.

For the head color, a glossy crown or a matte crown is selected.

Loft variations are stock-managed in increments of 9.5 ° to 12.5 ° 0.1 °, so please add them if you wish. * It will be handled within the manufacturer's inventory.
The oversized driver uses weight screws with a diameter smaller than the conventional product for the rear two of the three weight screws. The standard has two stainless steel (2.6 g) in the front and two stainless steel (2.5 g) in the rear.

Release: January 2021

R (Remove)-Tune A sleeve type variable head type that allows you to change the angle of the head by yourself using the attached wrench is also on sale at the same time. .. vinegar. It is not possible to set numerical values ??as fine as F-Tune.
Loft MID(10-11°)/HIGH(11-12°)
Lie 59.5°(Position1)
Face Angle ±0.0
Weight 198g
Head Volume 460cc
Material Body&Crown:8-1-1Light Weigt Titanium
Face:ZA010 Titanium

We do not sell parts for the head alone.

You can also select parts that are not listed in the order club options.You can order from the following manufacturers.

Trading Manufacturers

Fujikura/Mirsubishi/GraphiteDesign/Roddio/USTMamiya/Triphas/Composite Techno/TRPX/Syncagraphite/Dead or Alive/Gravity/Threering/Sankiplanaria/S-trixx/True Temper/Nippon Shaft/Shimada Golf/KBS/Design Tuning/Stability/Reve/Auto Flex/&etc.

Golf Pride/Iomic/Elite Grip/STM/No,1/Susas/Winn/Palmax/Cadero/Super Stroke/Masuda Golf/Muziik/Perfect Pro/&etc.

Choice designation

Choice designation

Please choose a spec.

Please select the type and specifications of the grip.
Grip List


Direction of Logo on shaft can be selected. Normally, logo downward is recommended for carbon shaft. Logo upward is recommended for steel shaft.


In generally, it will be placed in upward. Only for Round, assembled in downward can be selected.
Only Round Grip can be specify to assemble with logo downward.


Length to shaftend,whith out grip.
Length + 0.25(Grip) = Total Club Length.


R flex for D0-D1, S flex for D1-D2, X flex for D2-D3 are recommended. For selecting “Leave it”, we will set best suitable balance of our recommendation.


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