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one2one contents

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Orion SPY-2 Wedge Type-G

  • Orion SPY-2 Wedge Type-G
  • Orion SPY-2 Wedge Type-G
  • Orion SPY-2 Wedge Type-G
  • Orion SPY-2 Wedge Type-G
  • Orion SPY-2 Wedge Type-G
  • Orion SPY-2 Wedge Type-G
  • Orion SPY-2 Wedge Type-G
  • Orion SPY-2 Wedge Type-G

Product Details

product details

  • Manufactured by: orion(オライオン)
  • Model: ornspy2g
  • Shipping Weight: 1kg
Machine processing of the back face, which is expensive overseas, is performed, and a mature craftsman in Himeji creates a sole that considers the face design and functionality that are Orion's most distinctive features in Japan. The heads are also sent to Niigata for metal polishing.

Doing what is important in making things seriously without cutting corners. That's where Orion's Orion-ness comes from.

Seven years after the first SPY-1 wedge, the SPY-2 is released.

Type-G has a straighter leading edge than Type-S, making it easier to set the target. This flow is the same concept as SPY-1, but SPY-2 makes the difference between Type-S and Type-2 clear.

Orion's goodness is orthodox and easy to understand if you know the club well. There is no sense of incongruity to express, it feels right.
If possible, I would like you to visit the store.

Non-plating (made-to-order) is also available. Since non-plating does not have plating on it, we apply a high count grind to polish the surface.
Release: May 2023
Loft48 505254 56L 56H 58L 58H 60
Lie (Degree) 63.5 63.5 63.5
Bounce (Degree) 8 10101010 13 10 13 8
Weight (g) 296296296296300300 300 300 300
Material S15C Forged
Finish Nickel Chrome Satin
Raw Finish(Build-to-order manufacturing)
We do not sell parts for the head alone.

You can also select parts that are not listed in the order club options.You can order from the following manufacturers.

Trading Manufacturers

Fujikura/Mirsubishi/GraphiteDesign/Roddio/USTMamiya/Triphas/Composite Techno/TRPX/Syncagraphite/Dead or Alive/Gravity/Threering/Sankiplanaria/S-trixx/True Temper/Nippon Shaft/Shimada Golf/KBS/Design Tuning/Stability/Reve/Auto Flex/&etc.

Golf Pride/Iomic/Elite Grip/STM/No,1/Susas/Winn/Palmax/Cadero/Super Stroke/Masuda Golf/Muziik/Perfect Pro/&etc.

Choice designation

Choice designation

Please choose a spec.

Please select the type and specifications of the grip.
Grip List


Direction of Logo on shaft can be selected. Normally, logo downward is recommended for carbon shaft. Logo upward is recommended for steel shaft.


In generally, it will be placed in upward. Only for Round, assembled in downward can be selected.
Only Round Grip can be specify to assemble with logo downward.


Length to shaftend,whith out grip.
Length + 0.25(Grip) = Total Club Length.


R flex for D0-D1, S flex for D1-D2, X flex for D2-D3 are recommended. For selecting “Leave it”, we will set best suitable balance of our recommendation.


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Starting at: JPY44,000

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