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Miura Giken

Uncompromising accuracy that appears after training.
Miura Giken is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2017.
Mr. Katsuhiro Miura, who is now the chairman, has laid the foundation for Miura Giken as the first president. When I was the president, I was particular about the site until the end, and I also polished myself. Such a work style has been praised and is nicknamed "Kami no Te Miura".

The greatest feature of Miura Giken lies in the experience and skills of Chairman Miura, who has built up through trial and error over the years.
The iron head, which has continued to stick to the soft iron casting method, is truly a craftsmanship.
There are many things that Miura Giken is particular about, but I would like to introduce a few.
-Commitment to iron
Miura Giken is supporting the steelworks to "make iron by aligning the fibers in the horizontal direction".
・ Insulation
At Miura Giken, we put the forged head that was struck by being heated to a high temperature in a heat insulation chamber and increase the number of processes so that the head temperature does not drop suddenly. This is a care to love things so that the iron does not harden and spoil the feel of the ball.

The second generation president, Nobuei Miura, has excellent marketing ability and has completed a custom ordering system for heads named Craftsman World, which cannot be done by other companies, and Miura Giken further enhances the user's sense of ownership. I'm working on branding.

Please enjoy the head with the ultimate precision and beauty of Miura Giken and the best feeling to your heart's content.
I'm sure it will bring back the true enjoyment of golf that you have forgotten.

In 2020, Yuka Saso achieved great results in the first year of passing the protest using the Miura Giken TC-101 for the NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf Tournament and the Nitri Ladies Golf Tournament, and in 2021 the following year. By winning the major American title at the United States Women's Open, the name of Miura Giken became widely known, demonstrating the high performance of parts makers.